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Black Plastic Plant Pots 1-20 Litre

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Black Plastic Plant Pots 1-20 Litre
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Black Plastic Plant Pots.
These plant pots are flexible yet tough, designed to be long lasting and can be re-used.
They come in 11 sizes from 1 Litre up to 20 Litre.
Resilient to changing weather conditions and has a 2 tier drainage system so the pots can stand in low water yet still maintain airflow underneath.
They are suitable for a variety of uses and have been constructed from a strong and durable plastic for longer use.
Formed by method of Injection Moulding.
We do have a range of black plastic saucers which go great with these pots.

(W)=Top Width (H)=Height (BD)=Base Diameter
1 Litre = 13cm(W) 10.5cm(H) 10cm(BD)
1.5 Litre = 15cm(W) 12cm(H) 11.5cm(BD)
2 Litre = 16.5cm(W) 13cm(H) 13cm(BD)
3 Litre = 18cm(W) 15.5cm(H) 14cm(BD)
4 Litre = 21cm(W) 16.5cm(H) 16cm(BD)
5 Litre = 23cm(W) 17.5cm(H) 18cm(BD)
7.5 Litre = 26cm(W) 20cm(H) 20cm(BD)
10 Litre = 29cm(W) 22.5cm(H) 22cm(BD)
12 Litre = 29.5cm(W) 24cm(H) 23cm(BD)
15 Litre = 32cm(W) 25.5cm(H) 25.5cm(BD)
20 Litre = 35.5cm(W) 29cm(H) 27.5cm(BD)

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