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Cell Bedding Packs Commercial Grade

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Cell Bedding Packs Commercial Grade
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Commercial Grade Bedding Packs

Self supporting permanently linked pots in pressure formed units, these are Commercial grade bedding packs and as such the edges are not as perfectly finished off as more expensive higher spec versions and may have sharp edges.
These trays have an opening on the top on each edge to put your plant identifying or selling label in.

If you would like the higher quality slightly more expensive bedding packs with soft rolled edges please look in our shop at our other bedding packs.


All trays are 23cm x 17.5cm wide and 6.5cm high.

4 pack cell size is 7.5cm x 8.5cm wide. 6 pack cell size is 6.5cm x 7cm wide. 9 pack cell size is 4.5cm x 6cm wide. 12 pack cell size is 4.5cm x 4.5cm wide.
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