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Empathy Rootgrow

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Empathy Rootgrow
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A root development system boosting plant growth

Available in 3 size packs 60g, 150g and 360g.

Mycorrhizal Fungi are widespread throughout nature and are a fundamental reason for normal plant growth and development. Over 90% of all plants associate with these natural organisms as a mechanism for sustained nutrient and water supply.
Shortly after application the fungi contained in Rootgrow will begin to colonise the plant or tree rots, extending the root system into the surrounding soil via an extensive network of fungal filaments (up to 20 meters have been recorder in a sugar cube of soil). These thread-like filaments extract nutrients and water from a large soil volume and exchange them for carbon from the plant. This secondary root system, when established, links the root systems of the adjacent plants or trees and helps share, more efficiently, nutrient resources throughout the plant community.

Key Benefits of planting with Rootgrow

Have superior plant establishment with better natural vigour Overcome re-plant problems more successfully, especially roses Have better developed root systems Are better able to cope with conditions of drought A single application of Rootgrow will support a plant for its entire lifetime These Fungi are completely natural and organic and are produced in the UK to the highest QA standard.

A guideline for the amount of rootgrow needed.

Dose rates
Note: 360g pack contains 25ml scoop (1 scoop = Approx 5 teaspoons)

Small Pot Grown Plants
One 360g sachet will treat approx. 95 plants.

Cell Grown Plants
One 360g pack will treat approx. 125-150 plants.

Seed trays and hanging baskets
Add 1 x scoop or 2 heaped teaspoons per 2litres of compost

Roses, trees, shrubs and plants in containers e.g. vines, ornamentals, climbers
2 scoops or 5 heaped teaspoonfuls for each 5L root ball in the planting hole.

Trees and other large root-balled plants
75g will treat up to 15L container grown tree.

Vegetables e.g. strawberries, leeks, beans, tomatoes, lettuce etc...
2ml or ½ teaspoonful in planting hole when pricking out or planting. 1-2 scoops per metre for seed rows

House plants
Add 5 heaped teaspoonfuls at transplanting or add 1-2 teaspoonfuls into the root zones around the pot.

Turf or other grasses or wild flowers
Add at 2 scoops per square metre (area) or 1scoop per metre below seeds in row.

Bare Root Trees and Hedging
One 360g pack will treat approx 100 x 2ft bare root

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