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20mm Bird Netting

Garden Bird Netting 6m Wide

Garden Bird Netting 6m Wide

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6m Wide Bird Netting
Capable of repelling the smallest of birds without trapping them in the net, this is high quality strong and durable netting.
This 6m wide netting has a mesh size of 20mm x 20mm.

Choose your width and length. The qty is set at 1 for 1 net. If you would like more than 1 net of the selected size please change the qty for multiple nets.
Multiple nets will be cut separately.

When you receive the netting you may notice you have a longer length than you purchased, that's because for every meter in length you order you will actually receive 1.3 linear meters because of the way its packaged in a snake like length.
The mesh shape will be like a diamond and as you stretch out the width of the net the diamonds will become squares and the length will shorten. If the mesh holes are shaped like squares the net is correctly stretched if you have diamond shapes the net is not square.
So if you pull the net wider than you should you will not get the desired length and similarly if you stretch the net longer than you purchased you will not get the correct width.

UV stabilised black polyethylene netting with a life span of up to 10 years. A long lasting superior weighted netting weighing 30g per square meter. The netting does not harm birds and the holes are large enough to let the bees in to pollinate the fruit. Ideal for covering fruit and vegetables over garden hoops and cages. Strong quality which is ideal for both domestic and commercial use. easy to use and flexible the bird netting will stretch but allow for sag in netting if not supported at regular intervals. If in doubt add an extra meter on just in case.

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