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Haxnicks Deep Rootrainer Sets

Haxnicks Deep Rootrainer Sets

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Deep Rootrainer Sets
These rootrainer's are great they offer an air pruning system which prevents pot bound plants.
Really good for beans, peas sweetcorn, strawberries chillies and many other plants, fruit and veg growing.
The grooved system directs the roots straight down and the easy open book system allows you to remove the plant without moving the root system at all.

How to use!
Fold the empty book inserts in half and place in the holding tray squeezing the last insert in for a snug fit.
Fill trays with compost and tamper down.
Place seeds in cells and give a generous water.
Once the plants have grown up to the lid, you can remove the lid and place it underneath as a watering tray.

Each set is 36cm x 21cm wide and 12cm deep.

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