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Long Life 28 Cell Deep Rootrainer Kit

Long Life 28 Cell Deep Rootrainer Kit

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28 Cell Deep Rootrainer Kit

Uniquely designed "split cells" allow easy inspection of root development and zero root disturbance when plants are removed for transplanting.

Deep cells (12cm) feature internal ridged sides to encourage healthy downward root development. Each cell features a central drainage hole and 4 side ventilation slots ensuring excellent drainage and beneficial air pruning of the root system.

Ideal for all plants with deep root systems such as beans and sweet peas but equally good for raising cuttings. Long life injection moulded plant cells and base tray give years of repeated use.

Cells can be easily cleaned and sterilised in a dishwasher after use.

38cm x 24cm wide x 20cm high
Cell Size = 4cm wide x 12cm deep.

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