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Small plant pots 6 - 13cm

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6cm Terracotta Plant Pots
6cm Black Plant Pots
6cm Clear Plant Pots
9cm Grey Plant Pots Tall
9cm Terracotta Plant Pots Tall
9cm Black Plant Pots Tall
10.5cm Terracotta Plant Pots Short
10.5cm Black Plant Pots Short
10.5cm Grey Plant Pots Tall
10.5cm Plant Pots Terracotta Tall
10.5cm Plant Pots Black Tall
13cm Plant Pots Grey Tall
13cm Plant Pots Terracotta Tall
13cm Plant Pots Black Tall

Made from Recycled & Recyclable Plastic.

Available in various sizes ranging from 6cm to 13cm round.

The pots are made from recycled and recyclable post industrial and post consumer waste plastic, making use of plastic waste that would otherwise end up in landfill.

The pots are strong and sturdy enough to be used for several growing seasons.