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Spiral Tree Guards 50mm + Bamboo Canes

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Spiral Tree Guards 50mm + Bamboo Canes
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These tree guards are made from 100% recycled material designed for the protection for young trees, saplings and whips from rabbit, voles, hares and other forestry pests. Protection is also given against systemic herbicide spraying.
The most cost effective and very efficient tree guard which expands with the natural growth of the tree.
Ideal for Hawthorn, Willow, Beech etc.

These guards come in a range of sizes 45cm, 60cm and 75cm in length.
They come in 2 widths 38mm and 50mm.
They come in 2 colours Clear and Brown.

We sell many combinations of these guards,
You can get them with Support canes and also with Weed Mats (Recommended)
Please look in our shop to buy other variations of guards.

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