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Standing Tartan Fabric Christmas Reindeer

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Standing Tartan Fabric Christmas Reindeer
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These beautiful designed decorations are great as a decoration, center piece and as a great Gift.
The Reindeer's are made from lovely plush soft felt and cotton features. They have a wire frame so you can position the legs etc so can stand on a bit of an uneven surface if necessary.
A lovely tartan design with bells round their necks. A lovely decoration which will add style to any home.
Approximate Dimensions

32cm Tall Reindeer is 10cm wide and 18cm long.
40cm Tall Reindeer is 10cm wide and 21cm long.
49cm Tall Reindeer is 15cm wide and 18cm long.
61cm Tall Reindeer is 18cm wide and 35cm long.
75cm Tall Reindeer is 26cm wide and 48cm long.
100cm Tall Reindeer is 30cm wide and 60cm long.

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